Panda hahmopuvut

Design and construction

Performance outfits, mascots and character costumes

Artistiasu is especially known for our high-quality mascot costumes. Throughout the years, we have created herds of the most adorable animal and character costumes.

We design and construct diverse and unique performance outfits based on clients' specific orders. We do not have a ready collection of designs for clients to choose from, instead the outfits we create are completely unique and designed based on the specific ideas, wishes and requirements of each client, as well as the purpose of the outfit. You can order an outfit for anyone from your main leading star to the chorus line, or even the whole cast. You can see many of our outfits in our gallery.

Mascot and character costumes

A recognizable mascot is an outstanding choice for increasing the visibility and creating a positive image of your company.

We specialize in constructing high-quality mascot and character costumes which last for years in active use. Whether you need one or several fun costumes – or maybe even a whole arsenal of your mascots – we're ready to bring your character to life. Angry Birds and Moomins, Hippos, Onni Squirrels and Pandas, as well as Ville Vikings and Harri Seals that sail the Baltic Sea have all been brought to life at Artistiasu.

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Performance outfits

Does your performance need some extra spice from stunning and functional attire? Do your stars still require those memorable and impressive outfits for the climax of your show?

We design, construct and gather incredible performance outfits both for the stars as well as the chorus line. The design process for all of the outfits we create always starts from the client's idea which we develop to match the unique requirements for each individual piece. For a performance outfit, its visual impact is important, but it is also a work outfit that needs to be durable and easy to maintain. Our professional team takes this into account already in the design process, all the way from material choices to structural decisions.

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Maintenance and logistical service

We give all the outfits we produce a quality and usability guarantee. Whether you've ordered a fluffy character costume or a spectacular performance outfit that shines in the limelight, well-maintained they can last for decades in regular use.

Characters may develop and adapt to different situations throughout their life, so we offer them additional pieces and accessories when needed, as well as regular costume maintenance. To help you keep your costumes in good condition, we also offer additional maintenance, storage and logistical services.

Examples of costumes and outfits

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The Ratzz yhtye
Kauppakeskus Itiksen maskotti Riehuli
Ikean Mårris-porkkana
Rovion Angry Birds Possu-hahmopuku
Rovion Angry Birds Star Wars -hahmo Chewbacca
Loton lottopallot

Production inquiries and offer requestst

Send us a sketch, a logo or a reference link and tell us the intended use of the costume. We will give you a detailed plan and information about our pricing.

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