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Character costumes and mascots

For professional use

A mascot is an unique, long-lasting and cost-efficient choice to increase the visibility of your company and for creating a positive image.

1. For general price information, examples and ideas, ask for our guide for mascot costumes and maintenance services.

2. For a specific offer for a mascot or character costume, fill in the required information in the offer request form.

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Character design and construction

Every mascot is designed and constructed based on individual orders and on the client's idea, with the help of a picture or the company logo. Inside a mascot costume with complete coverage, the wearer communicates through physical gestures and movement. It is a striking part of your company's marketing. If your character needs to be able to speak, the face can be left visible so the wearer can converse with the surrounding people.

A carefully constructed mascot costume is washable, durable and in use for years. We give you instructions for its use and you can also order maintenance and additions to the costume from us.

Durable, high-quality and unique

We construct the costumes as far as possible according to the drawn design the client has agreed on. Well-made details ensure the quality and recognizability of the character. The costume can be almost anything: a ball, a box, a vegetable or the wildest animal costume. Our costumes are always constructed with human proportions in mind, and making the costume as comfortable as possible for the wearer is important to us. Because of this, we make sure that visibility from inside the costume is maximised and that the costume is easy to move in. We also pay careful attention to the air conditioning and the weight of the costume.

If you have a ready sketch of your character, send it to us through the form at the bottom of the page or by email. We will plan how to bring your sketch to life. Throughout the construction of the costume, we will send you updates and pictures of the character. You are also welcome to come visit us and see how the construction is proceeding.


Buyer's guide for character costumes

Are you considering buying a character costume? Do you need additional information and more exact price examples to help you make the decision? Our buyer's guide gives you examples of different types of costumes and their pricing, as well as ideas for their use and maintenance. Tell us your email address and we will send you the guide.

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Examples of character costumes

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 Santaparkin Lappset Funparkin Fani-saurus
Lidlin Lido Lohikäärme maskotti
Lidlin Lido Lohikäärme maskotti
Kemin Lumilinnan Pyry maskotti
Lidlin Lido Lohikäärme maskotti
Alma median Mikko- pallo
Säästöpankin Osmo-hahmo
Kauppakeskus Myllyn Makke Myllytys
Lumiukkomaailman lumiukko
Seikkailupuisto Peukkulan Peukkis
Kauppakeskus Itiksen maskotti Riehuli
Stockmannin Hullujen Päivien Huhuu haamu maskotti
Stockmannin Hullujen Päivien Huhuu haamu maskotti
Fazerin Dumle maskotti
Seikkailupuisto Peukkulan Pikkusisko Pikkurilli
Ryhä maskotti
Restel-hotellien maskotti tähdet
Roll´sin juustopää maskotti
Hyvinkään kauppakeskus Willan maskotti Viivi virtahepo
Helsingin Kaupungin matkailu- ja kongressitoimiston Helppi maskotti
Helsingin Kaupungin matkailu- ja kongressitoimiston Helppi maskotti
Vihti Ski Centerin Winter-nalle
Lastenklinikoiden kummit ry:n maskotti Teemu-nalle
Honey Monster maskotti
Otso Sanomalehti -nalle maskotti
Haribon maskotti nalle
Nestlé Bona-lastenruoan maskotti nalle
Nestlé Bona-lastenruoan maskotti nalle
Kemin Lumilinnan Pilvi maskotti


A costume that can last for up to 10 years of use is an excellent choice for improving your company's visibility and increasing sales, as well as a brilliant focus point for a marketing campaign. The price of a character costume is unique for each costume.

1. The price of a quality character costume is based on the presumed long service life of the costume. The price is calculated based on the required work hours and the material costs. The final price depends on the material choices, measurements, structures and details. The careful construction of an entire character costume takes about 100 work hours. Depending on the planned use and design, an animal costume, a character or a mascot can also be made as a lighter version: with the face visible, combined from ready-made clothes and accessories.

2. We can send you additional information, price examples and pictures of different types of character costumes.

3. Send us an example picture of the intended character and tell us the planned use for the costume. We will provide you with a design and pricing information.

Additional service and maintenance


You can order maintenance for your costume, which includes both cleaning and all necessary repairs.


We also offer you: shipping bags, overalls to wear under the costume, electric fans, additional pair of feet etc.


We ship all our costumes by couriers and by Matkahuolto across Finland.


Is your office running out of space? We can store your costume. We will make sure it stays clean and always ready to go when you need it. We can also handle all of the shipping needs for you.

Production inquiries and offer requests

Send us a sketch, a logo or a reference link and tell us the intended use of the costume. We will give you a detailed plan and information about our pricing.

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Additional information

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Offer for upkeep service

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