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Performance outfits

For professional use

We design, construct and gather performance outfits both for frontline top artists as well as the chorus line.

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Designing and manufacturing performance outfits

We execute every outfit from the beginning to the end according to the individual needs and wishes of the customer. We will provide you with unique costumes designed specifically for your show.

Style and function

Impressiveness is an important part of a performance outfit. Regardless of the type of the event, a performance outfit is also a work uniform. Because of this, especially for recurring performances, it also needs to be durable and easily washable. We pay attention to these requirements when we make the material and construction choices for every outfit.

Function-based quality is paramount in a performance outfit. Ensembles meant for television, a gala event or for the stage each have different requirements, so their designs and construction differ from the very beginning. A dancer's outfit needs to be light and easy to move in, but durable. From the theatre stage, small details will not be visible but the costumes need a level of impressiveness that is clear even from the last rows of the stands. A high-quality magician's jacket may be in reqular use for years.

Quality and durability

In addition to constructing outfits for long-term use, we also make them for temporary use and for special events. For outfits made for short-term use, we choose more inexpensive materials and simplify the designs to keep the costs reasonable considering the shorter period of use. For short-term use, you can also find the right outfit from our rental collection.

Constructing a bespoke outfit requires a lot of work and is thus fairly pricy. Because of this, we prioritize high quality. If parts of the outfit can be acquired ready-made, it may lower the costs considerably. When necessary, we use the services of tailors, cobblers and modists from our wide network to complement the outfit for a combination that fits the client's wishes.

Examples of performance outfits

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Venetsia karnevaaliasu ja naamio
Värikäs Klovnin asu
Astronauttipuvut, avaruushaalari
Rotta esiintymisasut
Ensiferum asua
Koirakokki esiintymisasu Viking Linelle
Värikäs klovniasu
Myrskyluodon Maija miehusta
Joulupukin sisäasu
Lumikuningattaren asun yläosa ja kruunu
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StepUp Mindy-olio
Artistiasussa valmistetut: Jokeri Pokeri Box 20v. Juhlakiertue Maija Poppanen -leijutusnumero, Studio Timo Heikkala
Artistiasu valmistus, Jokeri Pokeri Box-asut, kuva Timo Heikkala. 40-v. Juhlavuoden kiertue.
Artistiasu valmistus, Jokeri Pokeri Box-asut, kuva Timo Heikkala. 40-v. Juhlavuoden kiertue.


The price of an individual performance outfit varies between 50 and 5,000 euros, depending on the style and materials of the costume. Because of this, we need more information on the planned use and requirements of the outfits with each offer request.

We will give you a cost estimate based on your order before we start production and make sure to stay within the limits of the confirmed budget range. Potential additions the client asks for may affect the final price of the outfits.

Our pricing is based on the work time and the material costs required by each order.

Costume maintenance

In addition to constructing your performance outfit, we can also help you with its upkeep. We clean washable costumes ourselves and send the pieces that require special care to a dry-cleaner. We will also make any necessary repairs your outfit may require.

The price of maintenance depends on the work time and potential material costs for any repairs. We can give you an estimate on the price in advance.

All maintenance, repairs and additions to your outfits can be ordered from

Production inquiries and offer requests

Send us a sketch, a logo or a reference link and tell us the intended use of the costume. We will give you a detailed plan and information about our pricing.

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