Artistiasu vuokrapuku 1970, kuva: Viivi Huuska, Cristal Snow Diehard-musiikkivideo

Costume rental

For companies

1. Explore ideas and themes in our photo gallery. Find out more about our collection or book an appointment to visit us by calling us at 09 8366 7580.

2. If you already know what you are looking for, let us know through the additional information in our request form or send us the information by email at vuokraus(a)

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Our service

We have a very wide customer base among Finnish companies. Many theatres and film productions, as well as diverse television and event productions use our services. Outfits from our collections are used daily for example at exhibitions and in advertisements and music videos. We can also provide your company with costumes for theme parties and help dress your event promoters in unique and impressive outfits.

From ideas to outfits

Our costumers can send you example pictures of our outfits according to your wishes and gather the combinations you ask for. If you require a piece we do not currently have in our selection, we can make it for you per your requests.


Renting costumes is an ecological choice, and it also saves your storage space when you return the clothes to us after their use. Finding all the costumes you require from the same place is also cost-effective for your company.

Examples of rental costumes

Would you like to see photographs of some of our costumes? The RENTAL gallery portrays individual costumes and the COSTUMING gallery has examples of larger costume combinations.

Rental  Costuming

Artistiasu vuokrapuku, vuosisadan vaihteen ryhmä, kuva: Atelieri O. Haapala
Artistiasu vuokrapuku 20-luku, kuva: Nadi Hammouda
Artistiasu vuokrapuku 20-luku pari, kuva: Antti Peltola
Artistiasu vuokrapuku susi, kuva: Jari Hindström / JH Kuva Ky
Artistiasu vuokrapuku viikinkiasukokonaisuus, Northern Vikig Jewelry, kuva: @oneeyepete
Artistiasu vuokrapuvut, kuva: Atelieri 0. Haapala

Rental agreement

1. Call or send us an email to tell us what you require.

2. We can send you example pictures of our suggestions by email upon request.

3. You can come visit us in person to pick out the costumes yourself or we can gather the combinations for you. We operate by appointment on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

4. You can either take the packed costumes with you or we can send them to you as scheduled for your event. We use courier services to dispatch orders within the capital area and Matkahuolto for deliveries across Finland.

5. Regular upkeep for the outfits is included in the rental price.

6. The fee for lost or damaged items is charged separately.


Our rental service always includes our friendly and professional customer service.

  • The approximate price for a single costume is 70–250 €/week.
  • Large rental orders are priced by batch: 1,700 €/clothing rack and 90 €/basket of accessories.
  • The rental period of a single order is 7 days.
  • Longer rental periods can be negotiated separately.
  • Regular upkeep of the costumes is included in the rental price.
  • The fee for a lost or damaged item depends on the value of the piece and the severity of the damage.

All prices are stated before tax. VAT 24% will be added to the final order.

Costume rental inquiry

Our rental wardrobe consists of tens of thousands of unique outfits. We turn your idea into a costume according to your wishes. For inspiration, take a look at our rental gallery.

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