We have many extremely satisfied customers, for whom we have solved many challenges they have had with costuming. See below stories from our customers and partners.


moomin characters oy,
sophia jansson

Our long-term cooperation with Artistiasu has continued for over twenty years. We have good and open communication and that is why the cooperation with numerous Moomin characters has been easy and effortless. I appreciate the honest and active attitude that Artistiasu has towards their customers.

rähinä records oy,
markku wettenranta

Artistiasu has a huge collection of different kinds of costumes. We have always found costumes fitting for our music videos, from a costume for a priest to a chicken suit. The service we have had has always been friendly and adept.

stepup dancers,
jarkko valtee

I’ve been working with Artistiasu for over 20 years. It is easy to work with them and you can always count on the quality. The knowledge of special techniques is of the highest quality.

teemu koho,
kids factory

Artistiasu is a first-class operative, even on international standards. We order all our costumes that come from Finland from them. With Artistiasu you can count on the fact that the costumes are in line with your designed character; they are also functional, high-quality and durable. You can trust them to keep up with the production schedule. In addition, costume maintenance and repair services function immaculately. When making professional productions, Artistiasu is the right choice for you.

rovio entertainment ltd,
toni kysenius

Our cooperation started back in 2011 with the HockeyBird -mascot. I came to Artistiasu with an idea and drawings for the character. We sat down to design the construction and practical execution. Plans we made were executed accordingly and I myself learned a whole lot about how mascots are manufactured. The schedule and budget were met fully. At Artistiasu the workers are really friendly and professionally skilled. It is always a pleasure to visit them. Over the years we have manufactured a dozen mascot characters together. I have been really pleased with our cooperation.

uit uusi iloinen teatteri,
sari siikander

The strengths of Artistiasu are the exceptional know-how and the ability to create amazing costuming. They are able to conjure up anything, so that the end result always looks good. The team creates coherent costuming, and the costumes always emphasize the best qualities of the users. The customer-oriented attitude at Artistiasu is striking: they fulfill the customer’s wishes utilizing their enormous collection of costumes or by manufacturing costuming solutions from the start. Never has there been a situation that our needs wouldn’t have been met with a top-notch solution.

eyeworks finland oy,
nonna tähtinen

We ran into the website of Artistiasu when we were looking for costumes for the “Kaksi julkkista ja yhdet häät” production. We found everything we needed, even though our needs were really specific. At Artistiasu they have really warm and friendly reception and the service works smoothly. We will definitely continue to use the services of Artistiasu in the future.

jokeri pokeri box,
oy simo aalto

Our cooperation with Artistiasu has been exemplary since the 1990’s. The costumes are durable and of great quality, and they have been executed according to our wishes. It is really easy to work with professionals.

costume designer,
marjatta nissinen

The staff at Artistiasu consists of costuming professionals. They know the practices of the field and serve customers with great skill. From their collection you can find authentic rental costumes from different eras that work great for film and theatre. They also have a wide selection of costumes for different roles and costumes for the more special occasions of private customers.

uit uusi iloinen teatteri,
marjatta ”martta” leppänen

We have been working together with Artistiasu since 1990. Since the beginning, Artistiasu has handled their role extremely well. They always do everything they promise to do and stay on schedule. Our wishes are met without prejudice and the costuming is executed with expertise, according to those wishes.

johanna saarinen,
viking line

Artistiasu is a professional company with awesome people working there. We started working together in the late 1990’s and especially in the early days we made a lot of new things that people were not used to seeing in the entertainment business. The costume of Ville Viking was executed extremely well, which was really important to us at Viking Line. I have always been able to count on the costumes to be carefully designed and the ensemble to be functional. From Artistiasu you will get really neat costumes that you can be proud of.

katja karjalainen,
suomen kansallisooppera

Our collaboration with Artistiasu has deepened year after year, and through each and every project we learn more and more about the ways the other works. We appreciate the flexible service that Artistiasu provides; we are able to have costumes delivered to us even on short notice. I can always count on them to stay on schedule. Artistiasu has very strong expertise and long experience in the manufacture of mascot and animal costumes.

Miika Haapala,
Jokerit Hockey Club Oy

Ice hockey club Helsingin Jokerit is the most known sporting club in Finland. Our cooperation with Artistiasu has lasted over two decades. Jokerit wanted a new mascot for the season 2018-2019.

Costume designer,
Teemu Muurimäki

It's been a real pleasure to get to know and work with such professional patter makers and tailors of Artistiasu specialised in unusual materials and shapes. I've learned a lot. It's been exciting to see all my crazy ideas and sketches become alive.

We have had the pleasure of creating many thrilling costuming solutions for the following parties as well