Artistiasu vuokrapuku puvustus, kuva: Atelieri O. Haapala


Costuming and dreams

We are happy about the success of Artistiasu due to the wide variety of our pleased customers whom we have helped in solving costuming challenges. Our diverse team now includes 10 professionals in costuming, who together have the imagination and talent to visualise and turn even the most daring dreams into magical outfits.

Diverse and interesting tasks and wonderful people with their costume ideas help us provide an enthusiastic and pleasant experience for every customer. We have several long-term relationships with both clients and partners, some of which span over 20 years. New individuals and companies are always welcome to our growing clientele!

The story of Artistiasu

The story of Artistiasu began in the early 1990s, when Minna Gröhn manufactured an Obelix costume during her internship at MTV3. Even then, Minna was already fascinated by uncommon patterning and she was undaunted to grab fabric and scissors.

Constructing daily clothing for the masses was never an ambition for Minna, but instead she wanted to create unique and enduring outfits for individuals. A couple of years with summer theatre and circus paved the way to the enchanting world of performance outfits. This was the start of Artistiasu's path to costuming, in the cellar workroom on Lönnrotinkatu in 1993.

Our team includes 8 permanent employees and several of us have been part of Artistiasu for over 20 years. We are a group of highly trained professionals with specialty knowledge of our field. We have extensive experience in our work and diverse background of education and training.