Artistiasu vuokrapuku 20-luku, kuva: Antti Peltola

Costume rental

For private customers

1. Search for ideas and themes from our galleries. Inquire more about our selection or book an appointment for a fitting by calling us at 09 8366 7580 or by making an appointment through our internet calendar.

2. If you already know the costume you are looking for, tell us through the additional information of the form at the end of the page, or send us your inquiry and information by email at vuokraus(a)

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Our service

Whether you need just a single accessory or a wide selection of costumes, our collection is available for a rental order of any size. Our team of costumers help each customer develop their idea and create the costume that fits their needs. We help you find several options to choose from and try on to find the right one for you. Because the majority of our garments have been made based on the measurements of different artists for television productions or for the stage, we always recommend for you to personally come and try them on if at all possible. This way we make sure you receive the best possible outfit for your event and an unforgettable experience.


The largest themes in our costume collection are different kinds of character costumes, uniforms, fantasy outfits, disco and show clothing as well as apparel from different continents and throughout the decades. Our selection includes a wide array of historical attire from medieval times all the way to the turn of the 20th century. We offer you both authentic vintage options as well as newer reproductions to match the feel and style of fashion across history. Depending on your requirements, you have the opportunity to gather plenty of individual pieces of clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and wigs.


The rental price always includes the service of our professional costumers as well as our help in planning your costume. If you already have an idea of what you are looking for when you book your appointment with us, we can gather some suggested options for you to try on based on the measurements you provide us with. If needed, we can also send the outfits you need to the site of your event anywhere in Finland. You are welcome to inquire for additional information about our collection and our service by calling or by email.

Examples of rental costumes

Would you like to see photographs of some of our costumes? The RENTAL gallery portrays individual costumes and the COSTUMING gallery has examples of larger costume combinations.

Rental  Costuming

Artistiasu vuokrapuku 60-luvun asukokonaisuudet
Artistiasu vuokrapuku Madonna / 90-luku, kuva: Tanja Haverinen
Artistiasu vuokrapuku, historiallinen asukokonaisuus
Artistiasu vuokrapuku, Robin Hood / Peter Pan
Artistiasu vuokrapuku Esko, Nummisuutarit (Aleksis Kivi)
Artistiasu vuokrapuku Viinapannu
Artistiasu vuokrapuku Batman hahmopuku
Artistiasun vuokrapuku hra Shabelski, Majatalo Onnela
Artistiasu vuokrapuku punakaartilainen ja Suomen armeijan 1. asepuku

Rental agreement

1. Call and book an appointment for a fitting, 09 8366 7580. Our staff will help you find the right costume by appointment on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

2. Since the sizes of our clothes vary widely, you will have the opportunity to try on several outfits. Some of our apparel has been custom-made for television productions or for the theatre and the measurements of real vintage clothing differ from current sizing.

3. If you live further away from the capital area, you can send us your measurements and request photographs of our suggested oufits by email.

4. If you are unable to pick up your costumes in person, we can send them to you. We dispatch the rental orders by courier to the capital area and by Matkahuolto across Finland.

5. Regular upkeep for the outfits is included in the rental price.

6. Fee for lost or damaged items will be charged separately.


Our rental orders include the help of our friendly and professional costumers.

  • Single accessories or pieces of clothing are priced at 3-73 €.
  • The approximate price for an entire outfit is 80-300 €, depending on the number of accessories.
  • Animal costumes 80-230 €.
  • Historical attire 70-300 €.
  • The rental period for a single order is 7 days.
  • The rental fee is paid upon collection.
  • Regular upkeep for the outfits is included in the rental price.
  • The fee for lost or damaged items depends on the value of the item and the severity of the damage.
  • Potential delivery and return fees are not included in the rental price.

* Prices include VAT 24 %.

Costume rental inquiry

Our rental wardrobe consists of tens of thousands of unique outfits. We turn your idea into a costume according to your wishes. For inspiration, take a look at our rental gallery.

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