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Costume rental

Vast collection of clothing and accessories at your disposal

Our professional costumers aid you in finding the right outfits for your requirements from our vast collection of 40 000 pieces of clothing and accessories. Our strength is the incredible number of the most diverse theme, show and fantasy costumes at our disposal. We can dress you and your entire party, for example, in the historical attire of any era from antiquity to the turn off the 20th century. We also offer plenty of authentic vintage outfits and accessories from the 1940s to the 1990s. Examples of our vast collection are available in our costume rental gallery.


Are you planning an unique theme event or an inspiring marketing campaign? Do you want to stand out from the crowd at a fair or in an advertisement, or perhaps organize an unforgettable costume party?

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Private customers

Have you been invited to a masquerade, a birthday party or a theme wedding? Would you like to live a moment as a train conductor or a medieval knight? Do you dream of spending a day as a Hollywood star or would you prefer Finnish celebrities? How about an elegant garden party spruced up with fabulous hats?

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Are you gathering costumes for a theatre, film or television production? Are you looking for authentic historical clothing? Renting costumes lowers your necessary production budget in both fabrication and storage costs. We price larger orders affordably by the number of full coat racks.

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Dressers for your event

In addition to the clothes and accessories, do you also require a costumer for a music video or another production? Our rental service includes the aid of a costumer at our premises during our opening hours. You can also book one or more dressers for your event to help with the outfits for an additional price. Especially for larger orders and events, we recommend organizing help for dressing. For example, planning the logistics and costume changes during performances or the fastenings of historical dresses at parties are handled with ease by professionals.

Examples of rental costumes

Would you like to see photographs of some of our costumes? The RENTAL gallery portrays individual costumes and the COSTUMING gallery has examples of larger costume combinations.

Rental Costuming

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Artistiasu vuokrapuku historiallinen fantasia-asu, kuva: Tanja Haverinen
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Costume rental inquiry

Our rental wardrobe consists of tens of thousands of unique outfits. We turn your idea into a costume according to your wishes. For inspiration, take a look at our rental gallery.

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